5 Questions You Should Ask Your Window Installation Company?

Apr 30 2019 Posted By Ontario Window Reviews

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5 Questions You Should Ask Your Window Installation Company?

When it comes to window installation in Ontario, you probably have thousands of questions running through your mind.

If you’ve decided to take the plunge on a new set of windows, you want to make sure that you’re getting exactly what you want at the time you want. While many companies are trustworthy, there are some that can be less than honest about their services.

So what questions do you need to ask your window installers before you take the plunge?

While there are hundreds of different things you might ask, we’ve put together a list of the top five questions we think are most important to ask. Read on to find out more!

Large window installation in ontario

Do You Make The Windows Yourself?

One of the first things you’ll want to know is whether the company installing your windows actually made them themselves.

Windows are something that you generally don’t want to cheap out on. They will be the barrier that protects your family from the outside elements. They are the entry points for sunlight and beautiful views into your home. They are key areas where heat can be lost and gained during the winter months.

Ask your Ontario window installation company whether they actually made the windows themselves. If they are the ones who actually designed and manufactured the windows, you can have more confidence that they will stand by their product. You can also ask if they made them here in Ontario, as then you can be sure that they adhere to Canadian construction and safety standards too.

What Is Your Timeframe For Installation?

Another vital piece of information will be how long they expect it will take for installation to be complete.

Window installation companies can get very busy as the weather heats up and homeowners all over the province are looking to replace their windows. This means their schedules fill up fast, and appointment openings can be hard to come. If you’re working to any particular deadline, you’ll be wanting to know that they can work within that time frame.

Ask the company what a realistic timeline for installation is. If you are having windows custom made, expect to wait a bit longer for them to be built and then installed. Also ask about which days of the week and what times of day they do installations. If you have to be at work on particular days and hours, you will need to factor this into your plans.

What Is Your Warranty?

Having a good warranty can give you peace of mind with your new windows, and it is essential you understand what is covered before you take the plunge.

Windows made in Canada tend to be hard wearing and sturdily built, but even the best made windows will experience some wear and tear over the course of their lives. As you probably already know, replacing them can be extremely expensive, so many manufacturers offer a warranty that covers several common issues at no extra cost to the buyer.

Ask your Ontario window installation company what exactly is covered by your warranty. Ensure you ask as many detailed questions about it as possible, and ask them to send through a written copy of the warranty before you place your order. This way, you’ll know exactly what will be covered and whether you feel you will be protected enough in the long run.

How Many Installers Will Come To My Home?

Something many people will also want to know is how many installers will be coming into their homes on installation day.

Some homeowners are uncomfortable with many tradespeople wandering through their houses during work. Many people often means more dirt and potential damage to flooring, walls, and furniture throughout the course of the job. This can be especially relevant if you have just renovated your home and are concerned about scuffing or dents.

Ask your window installation company in Ontario exactly what installation day will look like and how many installers are to be expected on the day. There will likely be at least two, but depending on the size of the job, could be many more. If you are worried about protecting your interiors, ask the installation company what their policies are around keeping their work areas clean and ask what you can do to help minimize the chance of damage to your home.

Dining room in home after window installation in Ontario

What Happens If We Have To Reschedule?

One last question no one wants to think about but is often an inevitability is what to do if a reschedule is required.

Even the best laid plans can go off track when unexpected issues arise. Maybe you’ve been called into work for a meeting you cannot miss, or you have to head out of town for an important family event. Whatever the case, you will want to know exactly what the process is and where you stand should you need to reschedule.

Ask them point blank what would happen in you needed to reschedule. How quickly could they reschedule? Are there any penalties for rescheduling? What happens if the window installation company has to reschedule? These are all questions you will want to know the answers to before you sign up, as they could ultimately end up causing you a headache if things don’t go according to plan.

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