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Ontario Windows Review is a website designed to share information between previous, current, and future customers who wish to make improvements to their homes. Ontario has more independent home development companies than ever before and making the right choice can be confusing. No one wants to pay money they don’t have to and that’s the whole idea behind Ontario Windows Review: when it comes to your home, we want you to make the most informed decision possible.

We have focused on the Ontario’s biggest Windows and Doors companies: Beverley Hills, Brock, Canadian Choice, Centennial, Clera, Consumer’s Choice, LifeStyle, Landmark, Pella, Northern Comfort, Verdun and Window City.

Tell us!

How did you find the company’s website? Was it easy to get around or did you find yourself feeling stressed out and confused?

Do they have a nice selection of products? Could you find what you were looking for or did you have to make a special order?

Did you speak to anyone on the phone or in person? How was the customer service? Did they show up on time, were they polite? There’s really nothing worse than poor customer service.

As fellow Canadians, we have a responsibility to help one another out. We do share a community, after all! The more beautiful your home looks the more lovely is my view and so in the end, we all win. Please share your stories to help the rest of us out when trying to make the right choice for home windows and doors.

Top 5 companies in Ontario

Overall Rating. 8.84 / 10

Overall Rating. 8.21 / 10

Overall Rating. 7.99 / 10

Overall Rating. 7.97 / 10

Overall Rating. 7.96 / 10

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Clera Windows

Overall Rating. 8.84 / 10

New sliding doors look amazing

It was time to replace the sliding doors in our home, we need something strong that was built to last and we got exactly what we wanted! The sales team was extremely knowledgable and helpful, they did...

Posted by Tess March 4, 2016

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Fantastic window replacement installation

We needed to have a few windows in my home replaced so we gave Clera’s a call to see if they could do the job - they sure could and they did a fantastic job! They took the time and care we needed,...

Posted by Dan February 8, 2016

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Landmark Windows

Overall Rating. 8.21 / 10

Happy with my window replacement

I found out about Landmark Windows from a friend who recently had all of their windows replaced. I needed to have all of the windows in my house replaced too and I was finally in the right financial...

Posted by Cathy February 12, 2016

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Happy in all regards

We worked with Landmark and the installer did such a great job on our new windows that I recommended him to my brother-in-law and they are getting their windows replaced as well. Perfect timing for...

Posted by Sam June 22, 2015

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Window City

Overall Rating. 7.99 / 10

Happy customized door customer

Window City was able to offer us a competitive market rate and good customer service when it came to purchasing and installing a customized entry door for our home. They have a wide selection of...

Posted by Lou February 22, 2016

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Medium sized project

We got quotes from 7 different companies but no one had the products we were looking for within our price range except for Window City. We had three windows, one bay, and one back door installed so...

Posted by Tony June 21, 2015

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Northern Comfort Windows

Overall Rating. 7.97 / 10

Garage door revamp

Our garage door was looking really bad and it needed a lot of work so we decided to get a new door instead. We made a good choice going with Northern Comfort. Our communication with the sales team was...

Posted by Sophia March 4, 2016

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Absolute Pleasure

From start to finish the sales team at Northern Comfort was a real pleasure to work with. No one was pushy in any way and they answered all my questions with a smile. I ended up purchasing 4 new...

Posted by Katie June 22, 2015

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Verdun Windows

Overall Rating. 7.96 / 10

Great service, nice looking windows

Thank you for your service Verdun. I am so happy with the job that you did at my house to update the windows. You were an absolute pleasure to work with! Not only were your guys nice to be around -...

Posted by Ashley February 16, 2016

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Perfect windows for our home

We hadn’t replaced our windows in about 15 years and since then a lot has changed in style (and price!). Verdun was recommended to us through an old friend, very happy she did so. We looked through...

Posted by Christina June 20, 2015

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Beverley Hills Windows

Overall Rating. 7.91 / 10

Good service, good price

We called a few local companies to get quotes but nothing quite compared to the pricing they offered us. We are still in awe about the beautiful and energy efficient windows that we had installed....

Posted by Karine March 14, 2016

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Will return in the future

We are very happy with our new kitchen windows and patio door. The work was completed exactly on time and the installers were very professional. Hardly any mess in the end! This won’t be the last...

Posted by Taylor June 28, 2015

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Pella Windows

Overall Rating. 7.88 / 10

Thanks again for everything

Let me start off by saying thank you again for all of your hard work! We are so thrilled with the outcome of our window replacement job and we are so grateful. The staff at Pella were extremely...

Posted by Matt February 19, 2016

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Happy with our purchase

We moved into a house with really old basement windows that just had to go. We read about Pella online and went to check them out. Turns out they had the best prices and a great selection. I’m happy...

Posted by Andrew June 18, 2015

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Brock Windows

Overall Rating. 7.85 / 10

Curb appeal we needed

The team at Brock Windows is incredible. They came to install new windows and doors but they gave us so much more. They gave us that much needed curb appeal and helped to increase our overall home...

Posted by Debbie March 28, 2016

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Great service, great recommendation

Great service from Brock. The two guys who came over knew a LOT about what they were doing, they didn’t even mind teaching me a few things along the way. I appreciate the hard work and will continue...

Posted by Hailey June 22, 2015

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Consumers Choice Windows

Overall Rating. 7.8 / 10

Can’t complain

The installer was great and did a wonderful job on our windows. I couldn’t be happier with how it worked out, we have much more light in our house now, and the edges are much cleaner. Thanks for the...

Posted by Brianna June 27, 2015

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Two doors replaced

We had two exterior doors replaced in April and we’re very happy. The staff we worked with was excellent and the clean up was quick and painless. The doors look great and I’m looking forward to...

Posted by Nick June 15, 2015

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Centennial Windows

Overall Rating. 7.8 / 10

It was a breeze

We couldn’t be happier with the look of our new windows, they brighten up our home, and now that summer’s here the breeze is fantastic. This is something we’ve wanted for a while now and I know...

Posted by Joseph June 23, 2015

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Saved us a ton of $$

We had estimates from a few different companies for our 8 new windows and Centennial had the best prices by far, cheaper by about $1k. That’s a lot! We’re happy with the look of the windows and...

Posted by Kaylee June 18, 2015

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LifeStyle Windows

Overall Rating. 7.77 / 10

Windows look great

We had quotes from seven different companies and Lifestyle gave us one of the cheapest rates with some of the best selection. We had three windows installed in two days, it took less time than I...

Posted by Matthew June 23, 2015

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Home renos made easy

I ordered a few windows from Lifestyle and within days they were delivered to my door. They made our home renos so much easier and provided us with a lot of information. Thanks and we’ll be back.

Posted by Sarah June 11, 2015

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Canadian Choice Windows

Overall Rating. 7.69 / 10

Very flexible

I was impressed by how flexible my agent was at Canadian Choice. I work kind of a complex schedule so it’s usually hard for me to make things work. I was well taken care of and given lots of options...

Posted by Michael June 22, 2015

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Fun to work with

From start to finish, the staff at CC was really fun to work with. I learned a lot about installing windows and had a few good laughs with those guys. Thank you for the great work you did on my home,...

Posted by Emily June 16, 2015

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