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Nordik Windows and Doors

Nordik Windows and Doors

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1365 Bonhill Rd Mississauga, ON L5T 1M1

Despite Nordik being a manufacturer and seller of windows and doors, they pride themselves as a service organization, with a focus on customer satisfaction.

With over 40 years of experience and presence in 18 locations, Nordik is easily accessible to many Canadian homeowners and small businesses.

So accessible in fact, that they would install windows and doors at zero deposit, zero interest and zero payments for up to 6 months after the installation date. And interested homeowners can get free quotes so they can freely compare Nordik’s rates with other providers.

Their 2022 most efficient-certified windows also qualify for the Canada Greener Homes Loan and Canada Greener Homes Grant program, adding more value to their already noteworthy list of products and services.

Nordik Windows Review

All Nordik Windows are ENERGY STAR certified and made to match the Canadian climate. That means more energy savings for homes with Nordik windows, whatever the season.

Their Revocell windows have sleek, strong frames that require minimum to zero maintenance, allowing for larger panels and unobstructed views. The customizable designs also mean owners get to choose window profiles that match their homes and their personalities.

With a price tag that is about the same as hollow-chamber PVC windows, upgrading to these windows can prove to be a better investment.

Nordik Entrance Doors Review 

Nordik Entrance Doors are some of the most aesthetically pleasing doors in the market. And like their windows, their doors are customizable and energy-efficient too.

Speaking of customizable, every Nordik Door is made-to-order, and homeowners can choose from a variety of construction materials and finishes, everything from the frame to hardware⸺just like a designer’s dream. 

Yet, these beautiful doors have more to them than meets the eye. Nordik doors are weather-resistant, made to endure the harsh Northern climate, and are built with durable features to provide maximum security.

Nordik Patio Doors Review 

Nordik’s patio doors are made with durability and beauty in mind. These energy-efficient sliding patio doors serve as windows to the world outside, with full glass panels that let natural light in, providing a full view of the adjacent exterior, and creating an illusion of bigger space.

Not only for patios, Nordik’s patio doors are made for any room. They can be installed in balconies or terraces in place of windows, or as glass room dividers.

Like Nordik’s Entrance Doors, their patio doors are customizable too and can be made to match existing windows and doors.

Homeowners can also choose tinted glass and add integrated mini blinds or other extras so they can have privacy whenever they need it while still allowing light to come in.

Nordik’s  25-Year Warranty 

Nordik boasts a generous 25-year warranty on all products and services, which covers the products, installations, parts and labour. What’s great is, the warranty is also transferable, so if you sell your home or pass it on to your kids, they get to enjoy the same benefits.

Their “No-Bull” Warranty, as Nordik calls it, is great for homeowners who want to invest in good-quality windows. If they can assure you that their product is going to work well and as intended until the next 25 years, then you can expect to get your money’s worth. 

Nordik Company Review 

Nordik Windows and Doors reviews often mention the company’s great customer service and quick installation. Some might even say they have the best crew. And the reason for this is simple⸺they are a full-service company.

Unlike other window and door manufacturers, Nordik sells and installs its own products, and has control over the entire process, including quality checks and pricing. How does this translate to the buying customer? It means customers get to receive the best value and can ask for support when they need it. One contact for all concerns, no going back and forth between the installer and the manufacturer, and no pointing fingers.

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