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About Ontario Window Reviews

There are so many home improvement companies available at the drop of a hat these days. It can be confusing and stressful to choose which company you want to make the right enhancements to your home. Ontario Windows Review is a site built specifically for you, the customer. This is a place where you can feel free to review window companies from around Ontario, read reviews from others who have used their services, and post your own story.

If you had the best customer service experience of your life with one of our companies, we want to hear about! Tell us what happened, who you spoke to, what products you ordered – our aim is to create the best possible experience for other potential customers out there.

If you had a bad experience, we still want to know! What happened, what would you have changed? Will you call that company in the future? Was it the product that you didn’t like, or was it the customer service?

Ontario Windows Review is a great place to pick up tips for saving time, money, and energy. The reviews here are written for customers, by customers, and give all the details that the companies’ own websites tend to keep out. Any tricks you have for the home installation process, please share! We are working together to build a stronger, more beautiful community in Ontario without having to spend extra money and make avoidable mistakes.