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Ridley Windows & Doors

Ridley Windows & Doors

Ridley Windows & Doors was founded by two friends in 1985. After more than 30 years working together, they consider it more of a family business. They maintain the same goals they’ve had since the start and have evolved to fit an ever-growing industry. Most importantly, they pride ourselves on offering a premium product with great customer service.

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Ridley Windows & Doors provides high quality wood windows, doors and architectural products for residential, commercial and institutional projects. They service Southern Ontario and the shores of Lake Ontario, as well as Georgian Bay and the Haliburton, Kawartha and Muskoka Lakes. As well, they services the areas west of Campbellville into the Niagara Peninsula, London and Sarnia. Their office in New Brunswick services surrounding areas as well as Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

They value beautiful design and provide in-home consultation for free so you can have a clear understanding of the project. Their installers are certified and they offer new construction, retrofitting and full-frame removal.

They provide a variety of styles to suit your property including casement, awning, double and single hungs, sliders, folding, tilt-turns, bays, radius, geometric and direct set windows. They also offer sliding and swinging patio, multi-slide and lift-slide, folding, entrance, and fibreglass doors.

Ultimately, their doors and windows are made to provide you with unparalleled views, easy access to your indoor and outdoor spaces, and a variety of styles and colours to suit your property.

As well, in association with Kolbe & Kolbe, they provide homeowners with the VistaLuxe™ Collection – a unique and contemporary design that creates large expanses of glass. This low maintenance, modern collection provides architects with flexibility and creates a clean, sleek and organic aesthetic in which windows and doors come together harmoniously. As well, the collection is energy efficient due to its wooden interior. If you’re looking for a unique, customizable design, look no further than the VistaLuxe™ Collection.

Ridley is a leader in historical retro-fitting for designated heritage buildings and districts. They maintain the original design of the building while also incorporating the advantages of modern installation. Their work has been consistently supported by Toronto Preservation Services and they follow a specific process when choosing to replace or restore windows and doors that looks into cost effectiveness, the lifespan of the windows, the requests of the owner, and whether or not the window is beyond repair. Ultimately, these additions will lower the building’s heating and air conditioning costs and allow for a more uniformed look. As well, you’ll be provided with a lifetime service arrangement and a 15 year warranty. The Norwood Products they offer provide high quality products resistant to the elements and block harmful radiation, and a variety of colours and finishes.

They know their customers won’t settle for less than the best, which is why they suit every project to your specifications. Whether it’s a small renovation or a new construction, they will work with talented architects and contractors, as well as passionate home owners, to ensure the quality of the products and installation is up to their, and your, high standards.

Company Name Ridley
Manufacturer No
Buy most products from Ostaco/Kolbe& Kolbe
How long in Business 1985
BBB Rating No BBB
No. of complaints  
Energy Star Yes
CSA certified No
Ratings ER/DP/Water/Air
Fixed Casement  
Casement A3,B7,C3
Awning A3,B7,C5
Double Hung A3,B3,C3
Double Slider A3,B4,C2
Single Hung A3,B4,C3
Single Slider A3,B5,C3
Low profile fixed  
Warranty Lifetime
Exclusions Improper Installation