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Inline FibreGlass

Inline FibreGlass

Inline fiberglass has dedicated 25 years to producing High Performance Energy Efficient windows to residential and commercial properties. They are the only integrated fiberglass windows and door manufacturer in Canada.

Inline fiber glass

Fiberglass is the best choice for any property because of it’s natural insulation value, strength, longevity and conductivity as well as being environmentally friendly, non-corroding and low maintenance. In fact, there are many products being replaced with fibreglass including automotive bodies, aircrafts, boats, recreation equipment, construction projects and equipment and household fixtures such as hot tubs. The components of fibreglass are identical which means there is minimal expansion and contraction compared to other window types, such as vinyl.

As a company built by engineers and technicians, they understand the importance of technology and equipment that is both innovative and long lasting. That’s why they've become leaders in their field with the development and commercialization of proprietary technology in window and door installation used to pultrude thin walled lineals in any shape that is consistent over the length of the profile. Pultrusion Technology allows for high glass loading, low setup times and fast line speeds allowing customers to lower costs and increase profits.

They partner with organizations who are leaders in the industry and who promote energy efficiency and sustainability, including the Canadian Green Building Council, the U.S. Green Building Council, Energy Star, the National Fenestration Rating Council, Building Green, Window & Door and AEC Daily.

They have full control over the quality, design and production of their products. their team of experienced professionals oversee all manufacturing processes including painting, design and final assembly. their outstanding reputation for making superior fiberglass windows and doors is only the tip of the iceberg for what they offer – which is the largest amount of fiberglass window and door combinations to suit your project.

They're located in Toronto, but their Inline profiles, windows, doors and production equipment are sold worldwide. they test all their products on-site in their state-of-the-art facility because they prioritize high quality products that are energy efficient, performance at their best and comply to standards.

They offer fibreglass windows including tilt n’ turn, awning, casement, picture, strip, horizontal, single and double hung, bay and custom style. As well, they offer two styles of fibreglass doors: patio and tilt n’ turn. Lastly, they offer a variety of accessories.

View their portfolio, which includes their work on a variety of projects such as cottages, LEED, sustainable design, homes, low and high rise buildings, institutional offices, hospitals and LTCC, retro conversion, schools and hotels.

Outside of manufacturing, they see through their work with hands-on experience and leadership, as well as through their research program which ensures they maintain their position as a leader in the window and door industry and stay up to date on the newest technological advances to better serve their customers.

They're proud to offer these high-quality products and services on a national and international scale. they are continuously growing as a company and adapting to new technology to better serve their customers.

Company Name Inline
Manufacturer Yes
Buy most products from  
How long in Business 1992
BBB Rating A+
No. of complaints 0
Energy Star Yes
CSA certified No
Ratings ER/DP/Water/Air
Fixed Casement  
Casement NA
Awning NA
Double Hung NA
Double Slider NA
Single Hung NA
Single Slider NA
Low profile fixed  
Warranty Lifetime