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Marvin Canada

Marvin Canada

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Phone: 647-484-7018

1455 Courtneypark Drive East Mississauga, ON L5T 2E3

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Marvin Canada has been running since 1912 when it was founded by George Marvin. Throughout the years, they have accumulated more than 2,200 employees but have still managed to stay true to their core values of quality, honesty and community.

This company is proud to state that they have allowed homeowners and business people to acquire over a million windows and doors throughout Canada during the last three decades. By the looks of things, they have no intention of slowing their growth down.

Their business culture is based on reliability, trustworthiness, high-quality products and excellent customer service. From Marvin Canada’s reviews, it seems they truly do focus on each client as an individual with different needs and preferences. You can’t say that about every window and door retailer.

Marvin Canada Review — The Products

This timeless company produces bespoke doors (both interior and exterior) and windows, using materials such as wood, wood clad and Ultrex fibreglass. Their years of experience in this industry has led them on a path of top-class craftsmanship and unbeatable energy efficiency within their products. Quite the accolade, we must say.

On top of this, Marvin Canada holds the widest selection of styles, sizes and shapes in the entire industry meaning there is nothing you can’t achieve thanks to these guys.

You can choose from casement, double-hung, single-hung, venting picture, awning, polygon, round top, bay and bow, gilder, corner and fully custom-made windows to spruce up your home and make it very much your own.

In terms of doors, you have a few options for your exteriors including scenic, swinging patio, sliding patio and commercial. The amount of style options is the same for the interior doors. You will be able to pick from modern, glass, panel and specialty types so you can decorate your home or business whichever way you please. There is nothing like free reign when it comes to making your visions a reality.

Marvin Canada Review — The Collections

Recently, this company have combined their Marvin Windows and Doors with Integrity Windows and Doors to ensure their customers can find their products simply and quickly. Now, they have defined three separate collections that are segregated depending on their detail, customization opportunities and overall flexibility.


Within their Signature collection, they keep their “Ultimate” and “Modern” products which are targeted at those who care about every tiny detail of their home and want nothing but perfection. No compromising has to happen here.


Elevate will bring balance into your home with their gorgeous yet super strong windows and doors. This collection utilizes patented fibreglass which is proven to be more durable than vinyl and roll-form aluminum.


Their final collection comprises strength and a beautiful aesthetic with materials that require almost no maintenance. This is where you want to shop if you lead a hectic life but still want to appreciate the beauty of your home.

Marvin Canada Review

This company’s high level of quality in its construction and fitting is undoubtedly a fantastic factor. However, to read more, check out the rest of our site.