What Is the Average Cost to Install a Window?

Dec 27 2019 Posted By Ontario Window Reviews

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What Is the Average Cost to Install a Window?

After picking out an ideal style to suit your home’s specific aesthetic and vetting prospective providers by reading our featured window companies reviews, it’s time to take a look at the figures to determine how much budget you need to allot for this type of home improvement project.

In this article, we’ll talk about the primary factors that influence the average cost of window installations. Let’s get started.

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Type of Window Installation

How much does a window replacement cost? Sources estimate anywhere from $200 to $1500 (CAD) per window. There is quite a wide gap in terms of price range due to a lot of variables. The installation plays a big role when it comes to cost.

In Canada, there are two main types of window installation.

  • Full-Frame Installation
    Every part of your old window will be taken out completely by the installers to be replaced with a new one. These include the window, sill, and trim. This is highly recommended if you have been having trouble with rotting wood or excessive moisture. Typically, brand new custom windows will have fresh new jambs, exterior brick moulds, and interior trim.
  • Retrofit Installation
    Also referred to as pocket installation, a retrofit installation involves new windows inserted into your current window frames. The installer will make do with your existing jambs and will use an aluminum capping to cover the exterior part of the window instead of providing a new exterior brickmould.

Obviously, a retrofit installation would be 10 to 20 percent cheaper compared to a full-frame installation. Fewer window parts will be replaced and less labour will be required on the side of the window company. However, this isn’t a viable option if you have any concerns about existing structural, moisture, or mould issue. In the case of old houses with old wooden windows, a tear-out may be necessary for a full assessment.

Rates may also vary per provider. Be sure to go through our window companies reviews and learn more about the experiences of past customers when it comes to installation price and efficiency.

Window Style

Another contributing factor to cost would be your preferred window style or how they operate to open. Check out the most popular styles of windows and average installation cost for each.

  • Single-Hung Windows
    Only the bottom sash can be opened. Ideal for ground floor rooms only. Costs anywhere from $230 to $460 per window.
  • Double-Hung Windows
    Both upper and bottom sash can be opened. Costs $395 to $1000 per window.
  • Sliding Windows
    Comes with two sashes: one sliding and the other is stationary. Recommended for larger windows. Costs $430 to $1500 per window.
  • Casement Windows
    Hinged to one side and opens outward away from the frame like a door. Cost can go from $360 to $980 per window.

Other Factors

In addition to window style, the material also matters. As a general rule of thumb, composite and wooden windows are the most expensive ranging from $1000 to $2000 per window. Vinyl windows and aluminum windows are the more affordable options.

Additional features, such as low emissivity coatings and gas fillers, can also hike the prices although they come with long-term benefits that include energy-efficiency.

Window Companies Reviews

Go for a provider that will offer you the best value for your money. Let us help you select a reliable company from our selection of top-rated window manufacturers. See what other customers are saying in our window companies reviews now!

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