Top Styles for Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Oct 19 2021 Posted By Ontario Window Reviews

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Top Styles for Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Windows allow your home to gain more natural light, showcase a lovely view, act as an automatic focal point of the room, and create a sense of having a larger space. With all of these things said, floor-to-ceiling windows can still offer all of these benefits to exponentially greater degrees. 

Just imagine looking at a cityscape or lush scenery through a floor-to-ceiling window. Think of the warm sunshine and the expansive view of the sky that you will witness from the comfort of your own home. On top of this experience, floor-to-ceiling windows also add a touch of elegance to any type of property.

In this guide, we will talk about the different floor-to-ceiling window styles. We’ll also go through a few fundamentals about this type of window. 

Let’s begin!

Floor to ceiling windows used for a sunroom

What Are Floor-to-Ceiling Windows?

Floor-to-ceiling windows are sometimes referred to as glass walls or walls of windows. As the name implies, these windows extend from the ceiling all the way to the floor. Sizes of floor-to-ceiling windows vary depending on the needs of the property owner. Some floor-to-ceiling windows also keep shut (or fixed) while some may have operable components.

Where Are Floor-to-Ceiling Windows Used In the House? 

Floor-to-ceiling windows can be used in any area of a home. However, some of the most common applications of floor-to-ceiling windows are within the:

  • Living room;
  • Bedroom;
  • Kitchen; and/or
  • Sunrooms.

Though these following applications are less common, the other places of the house that benefit greatly from floor-to-ceiling windows include: 

  • An exterior wall adjacent to the staircase;
  • Somewhere near a hallway or corridor; and/or
  • Strategically located in the bathroom, in a frosted or partially frosted finish.

The Benefits of Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

While we have already discussed some aesthetic and scenic benefits, here are more benefits that come with installing floor-to-ceiling windows:

  • A better, more expansive view of the outdoor scenery
  • More natural light and less dependence on artificial lighting
  • More sunlight to keep indoor plants healthy
  • Less dark and gloomy areas in the house
  • Creating an illusion of a much larger interior space
  • Uplifting the exterior aesthetics of the home

Large floor to ceiling windows, acting as a wall

Top Style Ideas for Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Now that we’ve covered all the fundamentals of floor-to-ceiling windows, it’s time to explore the various styles that you can choose from. 

1. Large Floor-to-Ceiling Windows, Acting as a Wall

When it comes to modern design, floor-to-ceiling windows that are acting as walls are the most common type. Typically, fixed floor-to-ceiling windows are placed in a series. In some applications, they are made to look as uninterrupted as possible. 

In some cases, the windows are intentionally divided into sections (using mullions) to create a minimal geometric design. Another option is to combine these large fixed floor-to-ceiling windows with operable windows for added ventilation.

This style of floor-to-ceiling windows can be used in virtually any room. However, they are commonly used in living rooms, sunrooms, and bedrooms. This type of floor-to-ceiling window has a modern and minimalistic touch. They are also the best option for homeowners who want to feel that the outdoors is within reach. 

2. French-Style Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Though plain and uninterrupted floor-to-ceiling windows can showcase unobstructed views, some homeowners may feel that these windows give a sense of being exposed. If you want the view and the sunlight but also need a decreased feeling of exposure, you have the option to add muntins to your floor-to-ceiling windows. 

One popular style of muntins for floor-to-ceiling windows is a pattern recreating French-style windows. Paired with French doors, these floor-to-ceiling windows create a comfortable, homely, and sunlit environment in your home. These types of floor-to-ceiling windows are typically best for the kitchen, sunroom, or a room that faces a backyard garden.

3. Half-Circle Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Would you like floor-to-ceiling windows that are modern, fun, and uncommon? If so, consider getting half-circle floor-to-ceiling windows. As the name suggests, these are large semi-circle glass formations that are typically made up of a series of customized windows to create the shape. These windows create a whimsical experience from the inside and a unique architectural stamp on the outside. 

4. Cathedral Style Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Sometimes, elegant, older homes need something a little extra for their floor-to-ceiling window design. Geometric shapes may seem out of place and so do French-style floor-to-ceiling windows. 

If you think your home fits the above description, consider getting cathedral-style floor-to-ceiling windows. These windows have a shape that tapers towards the top and they typically have muntins in place to decorate the glass.

Not only do you get added sunlight that will emphasize the natural beauty of your home, you also get to upgrade your home’s elegant, old-world charm.

Floor to ceiling windows reaching up to the gable

5. Floor-to-Ceiling Windows From the Gable to the Floor

Some homes may have an entire exterior side that is uninterrupted by the second floor. Typically, the living room or sitting room would be situated adjacent to this exterior wall, creating a space with refreshingly high ceilings. This is common in larger cottage-style homes and luxury homes. 

If your property fits this description, you can consider getting floor-to-ceiling windows for that exposed exterior wall. The combination of windows can extend up towards the gable and down to the floor.

This is not only an elegant touch but it’s also a great way to connect your home or cottage with the beautiful view outside.

Reliable, Stylish, and Sturdy Windows From Companies You Can Trust

That wraps up our guide on floor-to-ceiling windows. Whichever type of floor-to-ceiling windows you decide to get, you need windows that are energy-efficient, reliable, stylish, and sturdy. This is why it’s important to get your windows from a manufacturer with a great track record. 

Check out our list of the most trusted and best-rated window companies in Ontario.

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