How to Decorate a Window Sill

Apr 27 2020 Posted By Ontario Window Reviews

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How to Decorate a Window Sill

Make your home extra chic and cozy by sprucing up your window sills. In this article, we share several inspiring window sill decor ideas plus quick tips on how to decorate a window ledge, too.

Let’s dig right in!

Window Seat

Window sill used as a seating spot


Combine function and comfort by converting your window sill into an extra seating space. Create a relaxing nook by adding plush cushions and throw pillows on it and a rug on the floor. It’s the perfect window sill decor idea for your cute bay windows, which is usually designed with a sizable sill. However, if yours are not wide enough, you can always extend them by placing a bench in front. It’s best if you can have them custom-built to fit and accentuate the shape of your window sill.

Pocket Garden

Succulents and cacti on a window sill.


Your window sill is an ideal spot for growing herbs and other varieties of houseplants that can tolerate and thrive in an indoor environment. It is an area that gets plenty of morning sunshine, which plants love and need to grow. If you live in a city, filling up your window sill with an assortment of edible or beautiful flowering plants would create an illusion that you are living in your slice of paradise.

What plants to grow in your window sill garden? We’ve listed down some of our top choices.

  • Miniature Succulents (Aeoniums, Lithops, Haworthia)
  • Fragrant Herbs (Rosemary, Basil, Thyme, Chamomile)
  • Trailing Indoor Plants (String of Pearls, Devil’s Ivy)
  • Geraniums
  • Orchids Plants

Play around with heights and planter ideas. Try hanging planters if your window sill has sufficient space to accommodate. Maximize every inch of space by securely attaching plant boxes onto your window ledges as well. It is going to improve your home’s exterior appearance visually.

Workspace with a View

Woman working on her laptop


Another way to make use of your window sill is by transforming it into a functional workspace. Placing your desk in front of the window sill gives you several inches of additional working and storage space. You can also have one customized to tastefully match the specifics of your window sill and the interiors. It’s going to create a seamless connection to the outdoors and is a useful way to utilize architectural elements that would otherwise be wasted.

Extra Bookshelf

Pile of books, plant, and a cup of tea in a window sill


Window sills typically have the ideal depth to hold books. Get the most out of your window sills by using them as an extra bookshelf space. If you have one near your bed, it’ll make a convenient spot for your pile of bedside reads. In addition, you can also add a comfy chair in front of your window sill turned bookshelf and create an instant reading corner. A pile of hardbound books with decorative covers would look amazing in the study or the living room.

Coffee Nook

French press and a cup of coffee on a window sill


Create a coffee making bar by placing your French press, coffee cups, and a jar of beans on your window sill.

Kitchen Essentials

Jar of dried herbs on a window sill


Is your kitchen blessed with deep window sills? Save counter space by using them as extra storage. Showcase fresh produce of fruits and vegetables you just got from the farmer’s market in a big woven or ceramic bowl. Display your collection of bottled dried herbs and spices in your kitchen window sills. It’s also fitting to show off your cooking and recipe books here. You can extend narrow window sills with hardwood. Paint it the same colour as the rest of the window frame for a cohesive look.

Personal Art Gallery

Here’s another creative way on how to decorate your window sill. Curate framed paintings, artsy photographs, or sculptures on your window sill to show off your personal art collection. It also gives extra privacy.

Bathroom Essentials



Make use of your bathroom window sill by conveniently storing bottles of shampoo, soap, and other essentials. It offers easy access to everything you need while you are in the shower. Make it aesthetically pleasing by putting small items, such as bar soaps, cotton balls, and other staples, separately and neatly in clear decorative jars. If your shampoo and conditioner bottles come in pretty packaging, you can refill and reuse them. Add scented candles and a little potted plant.

A Vignette of Happiness

Plants and little sculpted figures on a window sill


Another idea on how to decorate your window sill is to curate a vignette of pretty little things that make you happy or that represents your personality or memorable moments in your life. The possibilities are endless.

Here are some ideas:

  • A collection of framed photos of family and friends
  • A series of mason jars, delicate vases, or repurposed bottles filled with wildflowers
  • A mishmash of attractive trinkets from trips around the world
  • Personal collection of scented candles

There are no rules. Go ahead and create an eclectic mix of your favourite embellishments if that’s going to make you feel more positive about your home. Do use trays to hold tiny pieces and to avoid ending up with a cluttered look. They are going to make it easier for you to take out everything once in a while to shuffle or to wipe the surfaces of your window sill clean.

Seasonal Decorations

Girl sitting on a window sill filled with Christmas decorations


Because windows are automatically focal points in a room, they would make a stunning space to display your seasonal decorations. Showcase tiny Christmas ornaments and fairy lights during the Yuletide season. Arrange miniature pumpkins for Thanksgiving. While orange pumpkins are iconic, classic, and would never go out of style, you can make fall decorations extra glamorous by dressing up your window sill with white pumpkin varieties and some gilded accents.

Extra Closet Space

If you have limited storage space in your apartment, you can use the window sill in your bedroom to hold your shoes, makeup, and accessories. Display your collection of beautiful and branded pairs of shoes. Use elegant trays to contain small items of the same kind.

Try out these exciting window sill decor ideas on your next window purchase. Here at Ontario Window Reviews, we have compiled an extensive list of Ontario window companies that can help you with all your window needs. Check out their reviews to find a company that can help you!

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