Proper Window Lubrication Tips

Jan 10 2020 Posted By Ontario Window Reviews

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Proper Window Lubrication Tips

Are you finding that your windows are becoming hard to open and close? Do they often feel stuck and are hard to open? While this may sometimes indicate that it’s time for a replacement, it’s more likely that your windows just need a bit of maintenance. This includes cleaning the window frames and lubricating your window, along with regular cosmetic cleaning. Luckily, this is a relatively easy fix that you can do yourself, with just a few tools from your local hardware store and some elbow grease.

Regardless of the type of windows you have, there are four standard steps to follow to ensure that your windows are back in full working order. We’ll break them down step by step here, and help you find the best assistance for any questions you may have with Landmark Windows. Let’s get started!

1. Prep

To get ready for the process, you’ll want to gather your cleaning supplies- lubricant, dry cloths, a mild cleaning solution, and a vacuum. Then, you’ll want to begin by removing the window sashes out of the frame to get better access to the tracks. Now, you’re ready to begin cleaning the window tracks of any dirt and debris that has built up over the years.

2. Clean

Some issues may be resolved by giving the window tracks a routine clean, as dirt and debris can often build up. Begin by removing any dust and larger bits with the vacuum and dry cloth, then use the cleaning solution to remove what remains. Keep an eye out for loose paint that may be causing friction, which you can also remove at this stage. Once cleaned, wipe down the area with a cloth to ensure it dries thoroughly. Once done, you’re ready to apply the lubricant!

3. Lubricate

Depending on your windows, you will use either a silicone-based lubricant (vinyl) or wax (for wooden windows). Oil is never recommended as it can attract dirt much faster! Ensure that you are applying the lubricant to a dry cloth, rather than directly on the window, and then apply to all affected areas. Ensure that you only apply a thin layer to avoid creating any additional mess.

4. Reinstall

Once your window tracks have been lubricated, reinstall the window sash and move it up and down two-three times to ensure that the lubricant has been evenly distributed. Voila, your windows should be refreshed and running smoothly!

Ontario Window Companies

Regular window maintenance is an important part of general home maintenance, so you should be completing this process at least once a year, as it will help extend the life of your windows and save money on replacements. However, you may need to consider replacements if regular maintenance doesn’t solve your sticky windows, or perhaps you have more questions about window maintenance!

Luckily, we’re here to help! You can view testimonials on our site here of a wide variety of different professional window companies in Ontario to find the best one for you.

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