12 Questions to Ask Your Window Replacement Contractors

Dec 20 2021 Posted By Ontario Window Reviews

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12 Questions to Ask Your Window Replacement Contractors

Whether you have worn-out faded windows or leaky windows that cause your power bills to be higher than they should be, it’s definitely time to get replacement windows. The next step would be to find the best window replacement contractors for the job. Finding the best contractor to install your windows is just about as important as finding high-quality replacement windows. 

After all, no matter how many energy-saving features a window has or how durable and leak-proof the window is, it’s all for nothing if the window isn’t properly installed. 

In this guide, we present the crucial questions to ask window replacement contractors so that you know what to expect, you’re protected from inadvertent damage, and you get qualified pros for the project. 

Let’s get started!

A window replacement contractor replacing a window

1. Does Your Company Also Provide or Source Replacement Windows? 

One common misconception is that you need to find replacement windows and suitable window replacement contractors separately. Actually, some window companies also have a team of certified window installers available. So if you want your window replacement to be as seamless as possible, then look for a trusted window manufacturer that also offers window installation in your area. This will save you plenty of time and effort.   

2. Do You Have the Right Window Replacement Contractors’ Certification? 

Windows are more than large and highly noticeable architectural elements; they also serve as a barrier from harsh weather conditions, insulation from cold/hot temperatures, and sources of ventilation and sunlight. 

For your new windows to look great and perform all of the above functions effectively, they need to be properly installed by a skilled window installer. In Canada, one of the certifications that you can look for is the Window Wise™ certification. Windows Wise™ is an independent company that certifies window contractors through their extensive seminars.  

3. Do You Have a Certificate of Insurance? 

This is an often-overlooked but critical document to look for. Though contractors with insurance will oftentimes charge more than uninsured counterparts, it’s well worth it to invest in the safer option. Not only does insurance provide protection, but it also shows you how committed and careful the contractor is regarding their work. 

The main type of insurance to look for when screening window replacement contractors is commercial general liability insurance or CGL. This kind of insurance ensures that any inadvertent property damage to your home will be covered. 

4. How Much Will Window Installation Cost? 

The average cost of one replacement window is around $400 to $900. However, windows with more energy-saving features and more durable materials may cost higher. This is important to factor in alongside the rates from your shortlist of window replacement contractors. 

5. Do You Offer a Free Home Estimate?

Some window replacement contractors offer a free home estimate. After which, they can give you an accurate quote of how much their services will cost. 

Cropped photo of a window replacement contractor taking notes for a home estimate

6. Do You Offer a Warranty for Your Services? 

A warranty is more than just a financial reassurance for customers. A comprehensive warranty from a window installer also shows you how much they’re willing to take accountability for their work.

7. Is There a Way I Can Look at Your Past Projects? 

You can ask to look at the past works of window replacement contractors to further make sure that you will be getting the results you want. If possible, ask to see results with the same windows that you would like to have installed in your home.

8. Can You Resize Windows? If So, Who Will Take Care of the Building Permits? 

Replacing same-size windows does not typically require a building permit in Canada. However, resizing windows entirely will require a building permit. Furthermore, this is a bigger job than simply replacing windows. If you need this kind of job, make sure to ask your contractor if they’re capable of it and if they can help you secure the appropriate permit.  

9. Can You Connect Me With An Engineer For Creating New Window Openings? 

It may be necessary to enlist the help of an engineer if you’re looking to create a new window opening in your home. Similarly, if the window resizing is extreme, you may need an engineer’s help as well. This is because all exterior walls of the home are almost always load-bearing. By consulting an engineer, you can make sure that the home will still be structurally sound after alterations are made. 

10. How Long Will Window Installation Take? 

Fast-working and experienced window replacement contractors typically won’t take more than a day. However, the more windows you have and the more elaborate the changes are, the more likely it is that the project will take slightly longer. 

11. How Many Team Members Will Need Access to the House?

Window replacement is rarely a one-person project. Therefore, make sure to ask how many members of the team will be working inside your home. You can also ask your potential contractors if they will be bringing along subcontractors. If so, subcontractors generally need to have their own subcontractor insurance since they are often not included in the CGL insurance of the main contractor. 

12. Will the Team Clean Up After Installing the Window? 

Most window installers will clean up after the installation is complete. Moreover, they will also haul away and dispose of your old windows safely so you don’t have to. It still pays to ask this from potential contractors so that you know exactly what to expect. 

Get Your Replacement Windows From Trusted Window Companies 

As we mentioned earlier, getting high-quality windows is just as important as ensuring that you get skilled window replacement contractors. By choosing from our list of trusted and customer-vetted window companies, you can quickly find durable, stylish, and energy-efficient windows for your home. 

Furthermore, some of the companies reviewed here on Ontario Window Reviews offer window installation along with the purchase of their windows, giving you the most hassle-free window replacement experience yet. 

Take the next step today. Check out these trusted window companies!

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