Smart Window Shopping:  What to Look For When Buying Home Windows

Dec 15 2017 Posted By Ontario Window Reviews

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Smart Window Shopping: What to Look For When Buying Home Windows

Buying new windows isn’t all about knowing all the different types, the features, benefits, and styles.  Of course, these things are good to know and will play a big part in your overall decision.  When we talk about “smart window shopping”, we’re not just talking about which high-quality windows you’re going to purchase, but rather who you’re going to entrust with such an important home improvement job such as the installation of your brand new windows.  We’ll dive into more detail about how to be a smart window shopper and what to look for when buying new home windows, but here’s a quick general rule of thumb to get things rolling:  Your new windows, even the highest of quality, will only perform as good as they are installed and the warranty is only as good as the company behind it.  Alright, that was actually two rules of thumb to consider and two very helpful ones to say the least.  

Consider this, find the best window replacement company can be as challenging as purchasing a new vehicle.  It’s the type of decision-making most people only have to face once or twice in their lifetime because good quality windows that are installed correctly should last many years to come.  Before your hand over your hard earned cash to a window and door company, consider these key tips:

Free quotes should actually be FREE

You shouldn’t have to pay any money upfront to get the information you need to make the important decision to replace your windows.  A professional window and door replacement company should have the time and resources available to provide you with a free quote or estimate.  Not just generally speaking, but a specific quote for your home, which means they would need to take the time to visit your home in order to give you an accurate ballpark figure for materials and installation.

One day installation

Since your home will be exposed to the outside elements while your windows are being installed, it’s important to find a company who can complete the installation in one-day.  It would not be ideal to have gaping holes overnight where your windows are supposed to be or have to incur extra costs for your family to stay in a hotel.  Understandably, with any installation process, especially in older homes it’s not unusual for installers to encounter some unforeseen issues when the old windows are removed.  Sometimes there is apparent rotting in the frame, mold, or sizing issues because the frame is warped from moisture.  This may take installers more time however, experienced installers will have the knowledge and tools to overcome these obstacles.

Safety & Security

When obtaining quotes for your new windows, it’s great to snag the cheapest deal for what seemingly appears to be great looking windows. However, buyers are advised to inquire much more than just how the new windows look or function. One of the most important features to consider is the safety and security the new windows would provide for your home.  There are various window designs that are made up of different materials.  You’ll want to choose a window type that is both suitable for your everyday preferences and provides ultimate security for your home.  The less complicated the locking mechanism is, the better and the less moving parts is also beneficial for safety and long-term functionality.  

Energy Efficiency

Most people consider replacing their windows with new ones to improve both their homes aesthetics and to lower their energy consumption.  With rising energy costs, everyone loves seeing savings on their energy bills.  Replacing your windows is one very effective way to improve how your home retains heat and keeps the cold air out.  Just a friendly tip that insulated windows that make your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer


When considering various window types, it’s important to inquire if the windows are self-cleaning.  Yes, there are windows that are self-cleaning! It’s a great option to avoid having to pay high costs for professional window cleaners or having to labour over doing it yourself. Coated windows practically clean themselves and provide better  insulation.

Despite what you’ve heard, any season is window replacement season!

If you’re in conversations with a potential window replacement company you might hire for the job and they’re telling you they can only install in “optimal” conditions such as warm weather months only, then move on.  Real experienced professionals in the windows and door industry know how to navigate around weather concerns and are equipped with the tools and training to get the job done correctly, just as any other time of the year.

Shop around

Get 4-5 quotes from reputable window and door companies near you before you seal the deal.  It won’t hurt to see what’s out there, it may just take a little more of your time.  Time worth spending over the mistake of hiring the wrong company.

With this and that being said, there’s one last thing to note:  Replacement windows and doors is not a DIY kind of project, unless your profession is an experienced window and door installer then by all means, you can replace your own windows!  In all seriousness, replacement windows are not cheap so, you should protect your investment by hiring a professional to get the job done.  Maybe you’ve passed up on professional cleaning services and even the dog walking service everyone else on your street is doing, but for this one job, you can’t afford to pass up on the help for such an intricate task.  It is work, but when you have your new windows installed your home will look great, feel great, have added security, and save you money on your energy bills.  Mostly, you should feel great about your decision and have only great things to say about your professional window company and their services.

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