Tricks To Make Windows Look Larger

Jun 6 2016 Posted By Ontario Window Reviews

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Tricks To Make Windows Look Larger

Different window treatments can give your windows their own unique look, but they can also give the appearance of larger windows and everyone wants that.

Here are some tricks of the trade to help your windows live large.

Hang ‘em high

Hang the curtain rod above the top of the actual window frame. Doing this actually makes a big difference. It makes the ceiling look really high, the windows bigger and so makes the entire room appear larger than it really is.

Go Roman

Roman shades can be magic. They give the illusion of a bigger window when separated. Hang the valance portion near the ceiling and the bottom part beneath the window, which mimics a top-down shade. The effect is even more pronounced when paired with side curtains.

Wood shutters

Shutters the entire length of the window let in light and make the window seem larger.


If you want your window to look wider, install curtains that are between 60-80 per cent wider than the actual window. Curtains should hang across the entire space. Everyone will think you have really ample windows.

Moulding and trim

Moulding and trim will add visual weight to a window making it look larger. Some homes don’t have moulding or trim around the windows at all. This is a surefire way of creating a more full appearance.

The mirror trick

This is a very cool little cheat. Try hanging a mirror horizontally between a piece of furniture and the bottom window frame. Then full size curtain panels should be hung from right above the window to the floor. This trick “stretches” the window and reflects light, making your room feel broader and brighter.

Naked is neat

Actually leaving your windows uncovered will create the illusion of a larger room, which is the ultimate goal. A space gets depth by light. If privacy is an issue, consider roman shades or blinds. Curtain can make small windows look even smaller and make the room seem crowded.

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