Are Triple Pane Replacement Windows Worth the Investment?

Oct 21 2019 Posted By Ontario Window Reviews

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Are Triple Pane Replacement Windows Worth the Investment?

A good window is an essential part of your home, and not somewhere you want to go cheap. But are triple pane replacement windows, compared to the standard double-pane of most Ontario replacements, really worth the added investment? Having reviewed many different window companies and installations, we can say with confidence that a triple pane window will make a great difference to your home, especially in our cold Canadian winters. You can even recoup some of the costs over time! Read on to learn more about what a triple pane window is, and why it’s a worthwhile investment for your home.

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What Are Triple Pane Replacement Windows, Anyway?

Typically, windows used in most homes are double-paned, meaning that there are two sheets of glass separating your home from the outdoors. So, a triple paned window uses three sheets of glasses for an added layer of protection. They may also be referred to as double or triple glaze depending on who you talk to.

Because of this additional glass layer, triple paned windows may come as a sealed unit, meaning that each pane is held together with an insulator, for added protection. While it may not seem significant, this additional layer has many added benefits for you and your home.

Why Choose Triple Pane?

While we’ve already written a post about why energy-efficient windows are important, triple pane replacement windows take this to the next level. The added pane of glass can help reduce noise, which is great for those who live on busy city streets. They also help preserve cold air in your home during the summer, as well as reducing condensation and keeping your home insulated during the winter. This is especially important, given the fluctuating climate we have in Ontario. If well installed, they can last up to 25 years, meaning you’ll be reaping the benefits for years to come. But is it really worth the extra cost?

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How Much Will This Cost?

It’s true, triple pane replacement windows are more of an upfront investment. Typically, they can run an additional 10-15 percent over your standard double pane window. While this might seem impractical for some, it’s a worthwhile expenditure in the long run, as you will actually recoup these costs and possibly even save money over time. This is because triple pane replacement windows are more energy-efficient, as we mentioned above, and will reduce the energy lost through your windows. Even if this is only a dollar or two a year, eventually the savings will add up! You’ll also sleep peacefully knowing you received extra value for your dollar with the energy savings and noise reduction.

Have More Questions?

Unsure if a triple pane replacement window is right for your home? Want to know who offers the best value in your area for installation? Ontario Window Reviews compares all the best Ontario window replacement companies in one place, with reviews from real customers so you can make an informed decision. You can also use our Comparison Chart for quick reference with all the need-to-know information. Let us help you make the right choice for your home windows!

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