Things You Need to Know Before Installing a Storm Door

Jan 18 2023 Posted By Ontario Window Reviews

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A collage of two storm doors

Are you considering installing a storm door?

More than just the aesthetics it offers, a storm door provides protection from all kinds of weather hazards including keeping your main door safe from damage caused by heavy rainfall, floods, ice and snow.

Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about how to install a storm door, its pros and cons, and the different types available.

What Do Storm Doors Look Like?

Storm doors have replaceable glass panes that you can swap with a screen panel. This kind of design provides insulation and ventilation, which allows you to conveniently adjust to the weather conditions.

Besides that, storm doors have varying styles for versatility and functionality. The most common types include:

  1. Full-View Storm Doors

A full-view storm door has a centre glass pane running from top to bottom. This makes your interior visible when you leave the main door open. This type of storm door also allows a large chunk of sunlight to brighten your home during the day.

  1. Mid-View Storm Doors

Another style of storm doors is the mid-view motif. The glass panel runs from the top and stops half towards the bottom.

  1. High-View Storm Doors

The glass panel of high-view storm doors is only on the top half of the door, while the bottom is entirely solid.

  1. Ventilating Storm Doors

Ventilating storm doors are a two-in-one deal since the screen and glass are in the same panel. Using a toggle switch, you can make the glass appear or disappear whenever you want.

A snowy home with a storm door

Pros and Cons of Installing a Storm Door

Now, is installing a storm door necessary? Below is a list of its pros and cons that can help you make a decision:

The Pros:

  1. Brighten The Indoors While Keeping the Bugs Out

With a storm door, you can leave your main exterior door open to let the sun enter your home. The best part of this is that no bugs can enter due to the screen and glass panel attached to the door.

  1. It Insulates and Ventilates Your House

Regardless of the weather conditions outside, you can use a storm door to insulate or ventilate cool/warm air throughout your home. Attaching the glass panel back to your door can regulate the warm temperature of your house since it prevents cold air from entering.

  1. Added Protection For Your Main Door

Rain or shine, a storm door protects your front door from getting damaged by water, ice and snow. As a result, your door remains intact and safe throughout the year!

The Cons:

The only downside to installing a storm door is its hefty price. From the materials to the installation, expect the cost to range from $190 to $1,300 CAD (depending on if you’re working with a contractor or not).

How to Install a Storm Door

When installing a storm door, it’s usually best to hire a professional to do it for you. Although, there are cases when people decide to do the process themselves to save money. To give you an idea of how it is done, below is a general overview of how to install a storm door.

A pair of hands using a ruler and pencil to mark and measure the surface

  1. Measure Your Door

The first thing you need to do is measure the height and width of your door frame. Doing so can give you the correct dimensions and help you purchase the right door size.

  1. Prepare the Tools and Materials

After securing the storm door, the next step is to prepare the tools and materials you need for the installation.

  1. Decide Which Side Will Contain the Hinge of the Storm Door

Moving forward, you need to determine the hinge side of the storm door. This determines the direction of how your door will open. Usually, the hinge of a storm door follows the same side as the main door.

  1. Install the Door

Step 1: To install the storm door, it is vital to attach the rain cap first. This is responsible for preventing water from entering your home.

Step 2: After that, attaching the hinge-side z-bar to the door frame follows.

Step 3: Next, you must place the storm door against the jambs. Before securing the door with the handle-side z-bar, make sure the door is levelled and closes appropriately.

Step 4: The last step involves attaching the door handle and lockset. Their placement should not affect the door’s operation.

Professional Storm Door Installation

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