How to Secure a Basement Window

Nov 14 2023 Posted By Ontario Window Reviews

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A masked burglar peering through an open window

Statistics show that 125,536 Canadian citizens were victims of a breaking and entering crime in 2021, and this number only increased in 2022. Securing basement windows is one of the most important (yet often overlooked) steps in preventing these incidents.

Basement windows are common targets for burglars because they’re located on the ground level and are generally less secure. They often also face the backyard, further away from any lights or security cameras installed on the property.

The good news is that we’ve created this guide on how to secure a basement window to help keep you and your family safe. We’ll go over everything from installing locks to choosing window companies you can trust to make secure products.

Let’s learn about safety!

6 Steps for Securing Basement Windows

    1. Add Window Locks

While intruders might be so bold as to smash through your basement window, they will generally try a quieter approach to begin with. The first thing they’ll probably try to do is slide or pull basement windows open to test if they’re locked or not.

Sometimes a sturdy lock is all it takes to deter an intruder. When it comes to security for basement windows, these are some common methods:  

Lock Type Purpose
Keyed Lock → Requires a key to open or close the window
Window Latch → Latches two parts of a double-hung window together when closed
Sliding Window Lock → Placed in the track of horizontally sliding windows
→ Can use a lever or a thumbscrew as the locking mechanism
Folding Latch → Needs to be installed on the window frame 
→ Folding the latch locks the window closed.

    2. Reinforce With Security Film

If you want to enhance security for basement windows, try exploring different security films. These are sheets made of polyester and bound together by adhesives that support the glass to serve as an extra protective layer against break-ins.

Here’s how window security films work: If an intruder were to smash the glass, the film would hold the shards in place rather than allowing them to disperse. The intruder would have to then climb through broken glass to proceed—ouch!

A basement egress window

    3. Invest in Window Well Covers

Some households have egress windows with wells to increase natural light in the basement while also serving as an emergency escape route. However, these sometimes attract intruders since they provide adequate space to pry your windows open.

Window well covers solve this problem when securing basement windows. They’re durable plastic dome covers or angled grates, which, additionally, will help protect your window from inclement weather such as heavy rain, snow, and hail.

    4. Install Lights Where Possible

It’s no coincidence that break-ins rarely happen during the day—would-be burglars thrive at night when nobody can see them. As such, don’t overlook the value of lights when deciding how to secure a basement window on your property.

Installing motion-detecting lights can help deter intruders successfully and reduce energy usage because only activate when movement occurs near its detection zone, likely surprising the intruder in the process.

    5. Consider Safety Glass

If you were already in the market to replace your basement windows, then you would be wise to opt for new ones that use shatter-proof safety glass. You can also heighten privacy by adding a frosted layer on the panels.

Fixed windows are generally preferred for security for basement windows. They are inoperable, which means a prospective intruder would have to break through completely to enter your home. That can be extra challenging if yours uses safety glass!

 A fully furnished home basement

    6. Show Off Your Home Security System

Security systems are one of the most effective ways to deter break-ins given the known power of cameras and alarms. However, they only serve as deterrents if would-be intruders know your house is equipped—make it a point to show them!

One of the best ways to improve security for basement windows is by slapping on a sticker that advertises you have a security system installed. Let them know that you’ve got window sensors, alarms, and all the bells and whistles.

Get Secure Basement Windows From Trusted Manufacturers

Learning how to secure a basement window is great, but the first and most important step to take is ensuring yours is solidly constructed.

Ontario Window Reviews’ directory of windows and door manufacturers is the best place to get a rundown on your local supplier. Here, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the quality, durability, and security of their windows. You can also browse our extensive collection of reviews to see what everyone else thinks about them and their service.

Need more guidance for securing basement windows? Contact us now!

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