The Benefits of Installing Fixed Windows

Aug 18 2022 Posted By Ontario Window Reviews

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A set of fixed windows

Fixed windows were among the first-ever glass windows to be invented. They were made in ancient Rome and did not have the sophisticated hardware of modern and more functional windows.

Through the centuries, glass windows have evolved to suit the modern home. Yet even amidst a flurry of new technologies, new designs, and better energy efficiency, the “basic” fixed windows still hold a special place in our homes that no other window type can fill. 

Windows that come with hinges and the ability to open and close feature a multitude of benefits, but there is still a certain charm and functionality that fixed windows hold. 

Read on to learn more about the unique benefits of fixed vinyl windows and how they can brighten up your home like no other window type can. 

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Fixed Windows Are Safe and Secure

A window that has the function to open and close may enable you to ventilate your home, but fixed windows are exceptionally more secure for obvious reasons. 

Fixed windows are built to stay shut, and thanks to this concept, their glass is much thicker than the modern window that opens and closes. Households that want to increase their protection from potential intruders can utilize fixed windows without having to sacrifice the benefits of letting natural sunlight in.  

They Have Excellent Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a topic that needs to be taken into consideration when shopping for windows. 

Fixed windows are the ultimate solution to keeping your utility bills within your allotted budget. As fixed windows are installed for permanent immobility, the specialized seal ensures optimal energy conservation. The thick glass features an uninterrupted surface that attracts more solar heat, which naturally warms the inside of your home. UV-resistant picture windows can amplify this effect even more. 

Homeowners who opt for these types of windows won’t have to worry about excessive energy costs associated with operable windows. 

 A dining room with fixed windows

They Allow You to Bask in Natural Lighting

Increased natural lighting can do wonders for your health and the aesthetic of your household. Who wouldn’t want a home that’s lit up with the soft rays of the sun, right? 

If you prefer large windows, then choosing fixed windows is the best way to go. The reason behind this is that you can reduce the risk of damage to its large area of glass due to frequent movement.

Fixed Windows Offer Plenty of Creative Freedom

Architecturally unique houses can benefit from fixed windows in the most creative way possible. This is because they can be shaped and styled in multiple ways as opposed to operable windows. You can truly unleash your creativity when choosing designs for fixed windows, as there is no hardware or mechanism required. 

Large fixed windows paint a pretty picture of the outside world. With minimal walls blocking the view of the picturesque outdoors, you won’t need artwork adorning your walls. 

As an extra stylish element, you can also incorporate grilles that match your home’s architecture.

They Also Create the Illusion of More Space

No matter the size of your home, there’s always room for more space, correct? Well, when you have large fixed windows installed, whether in the living room, dining room, or kitchen, you create a visual illusion that opens up the room for a wider space. 

This is also a wonderful opportunity to dress up your newfound space with blinds, curtains, or glass tints.

Less Moving Parts = Easier to Clean 

Cleaning windows is such a chore, especially when they open and close. The dust and dirt build-up on the glass, frames, and hardware can be quite challenging to get rid of. Luckily, fixed windows won’t give you this problem. With less moving parts, you won’t have to exert too much effort for maintenance. 

You Will Never Worry About Failing Hardware

Windows that open and close are often prone to the effects of wear and tear. So, it’s no surprise that the nuisance of failing hardware occurs every once in a while. While this is a regular part of maintaining your windows, there is an alternative to be found in fixed windows. 

Fixed windows don’t open, which means that there is no risk of hardware failing or needing regular repair and replacements. 

A fixed window


Durable & Energy-Efficient Fixed Vinyl Windows by the Pros

When it comes to installing fixed windows that you can rely on, turning to the professionals to get the job done makes all the difference. If you want windows that provide optimal natural lighting, stand the test of time, and offer reliable energy efficiency, there is no room to settle for less than the best. 

To get a clearer picture of how you can make the most of your windows, check out our list of the best window specialists in town!  

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