Preventative Measures for Childproofing Windows

Dec 15 2022 Posted By Ontario Window Reviews

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Two children playing by the window

Childproof windows are essential in any household to ensure the safety of your little ones. It is common for them to explore and be curious about their surroundings—and it’s likely that they’ll want to try opening windows.

Of course, it is absolutely imperative that your home windows are equipped with a functioning locking mechanism to keep your windows securely shut when toddlers and children are wandering about.

However, given that there are a variety of different types of windows, you will find multiple ways on how to childproof windows. To prevent any unwanted incidents from happening, this article will tell you everything you need to know about window childproofing.

Window Childproofing for Casement and Awning Types

Casement windows are hinged at the side, which allows you to swing the windows back and forth via their handles. If the window is bound at the top, then that is called an awning window.

Children can easily open these types of windows because of their handles. With just one twist, your child could be exposed to possible harm. With that said, here are some things you can do to prevent that from happening:

Remove the Crank Handles

The good thing about casement and awning types is that their handles are usually removable. Instead of leaving them attached while a child is present, you can just remove and reinstall them whenever you need to operate the window.

Install Window Childproofing Locks

Some window models of awning and casement types already come with built-in locks. In most cases a key is included, so you can simply unlock the window when you wish to use it.

If your window does not have this feature, it is recommended to purchase and install window locks. These come in different designs and styles; all you need to do is select the correct one for your window type. For casement and awning windows, the go-to locks are bolts, folding latches, and lock pins.

 A window with a lock

Install a Sash Limiter

Adding a sash limiter is one of the most effective things you can do when determining how to childproof windows. Installing this prevents your windows from swinging open beyond a specific angle. In turn, it does not open all the way and limits accidents from happening.

Childproof Windows: Securing Your Slider and Hung Types

Slider and hung window styles are two different peas in a pod. The former can be opened horizontally, while the latter is accessible vertically. Despite their differences, both have similar ways of window childproofing. Here are some ideas:

Use Night Latches

Slider and hung windows come with built-in night latches. These are spring locks you can access from the inside by using a lever. Or, you can also unlock your windows from the outside by using a key.

If your windows do not come with a night latch, you can install one yourself. In today’s market you can find different types of night latches like the following:

  • Non-deadlocking;
  • Key deadlocking;
  • Automatic deadlocking; and
  • Roller bolt rims.

Install Window Locks

Window locks are the equivalent of sash limiters when it comes to sliding and hung type windows. These are installed to prevent your windows from opening all the way.

Add a Charley Bar

If you want to fully secure your windows and keep your children safe, a Charley bar will do the trick. This is an extendable bar that you place from one end of a sliding window to the other. In turn, the one inside or outside will not be able to open it.

Alternative Childproofing Window Methods

Here are some ways to childproof a window that are usually applicable for all window types.

1. Installing Grilles

Minimize the chances of your child falling from the window by installing grilles. When installed on the exterior side of the pane, they enable fresh air to circulate while offering superior protection.

2. Replace Cord Blinds

The blinds of your windows can be a hazard to children. There’s a risk they’ll play with the blinds’ cord which can have fatal consequences. To stop that from happening, it would be best to have cordless blinds instead. Moreover, having these in your home adds a modern touch because of their remote-controlled feature.

3. Childproof Your Window Sills

While your window sill is not related to any fall-related injuries, it can still cause harm to your children. Upon closer look, you might find ragged and pointed edges that can puncture or bruise a person. That is why you should see to it that each corner is padded for protection.

A child looking out a window

Discussing Window Safety with Your Kids

Even if you have the best childproof windows, you should not forget to educate your children about window safety. This includes preparing a set of rules when it comes to playing by the window. On top of that, make sure to explain the risks. If you think about it, doing this is one of the most effective window childproofing techniques.

Keep Safe by Staying Updated with Ontario Window Reviews

If you haven’t already, add childproof windows to your checklist if you’re moving your family into a new home, or are about to welcome a little one to the world. Learning all about the different window types will help you find the best ways to ensure childproof windows.

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