Easy Ways To Bring The Farmhouse Chic Look To Your Home

Farmhouse chic. Yes, it is a real thing. Infact, it’s totally trending and highly favourable amongst people of various tastes and styles. By that we mean, you don’t have to be a farmer, live in the country, or be old-fashioned get the farmhouse chic feel in your home. Nor do you have to furnish your home with only rustic things.

Farmhouse chic is sometimes called shabby chic. It can be described as cottage-style and similar to the style of french country living. It’s warm, inviting, very homey, and is quite forgiving. Farmhouse chic doesn’t have to be shiney and perfect, the more distressed an item may appear, the more character and charm the furniture is considered to have. Think back to simpler times when furniture and linens were made by hand, farmhouse is characterized by the warmth and simplicity of these times. Many companies and craftsmen currently make brand new furniture that is rustic and embodies a variety of both historical and contemporary influences. So while it would be nice to buy furniture pieces for next to nothing at a antique flea market, it’s important to know that real shabby chic styles are accomplished with perfect balance of both old and new.

Here are some tips and ideas that may inspire you to decorate in farmhouse style:

  • Distressed wood

The natural textures of wood are a must in farmhouse decor. Perhaps incorporate a distressed wood coffee table that can be repainted in a modern shade of chalk paint, like misty grey (a pale grey). Oftentimes, wood furniture pieces that date back as early as 15-20 years ago were still made by hand and have very distinct details and patterns artistically carved into the wood It makes for a beautiful accent piece. Using a light sand paper, you can lightly sand the edges after it’s been painted to give it a naturally distressed and vintage look.

  • Reclaimed doors and shutters

Reclaimed wooden doors make for wonderful furniture pieces like table tops and benches. Doors are probably the most used thing in any household and it’s no wonder that after they are removed and replaced, they continue to have many other uses especially the solid oak or walnut wood doors.

Reclaimed wooden shutters made for excellent window treatments, Painted in an old-white shade and hung beside brand new replacement french casement windows looks absolutely charming in a gorgeous farmhouse chic home. If you’re lucky enough to find a pair of old window shutters laying around, that fit the height of your window, well they would make for the best shabby chic decor piece there is. Remember, too much shabby might make your fortress look like a shack so, if you’re going to hang shabby window treatments on your windows, your windows shouldn’t be shabby as well. Maybe it’s time to swap out your old windows for brand new, functional windows.

  • Ruffles and lace

Embracing french country decor as well, incorporate some light and ruffles into your textiles. Perhaps some throw pillows with some lace trimmings or sofa covers with ruffled skirts. Keeping the colour palette within the right amount or white, beige, and touches of vintage colours like rose or duck egg blue.

  • Reclaimed window frames

Reclaimed wooden window frames make for gorgeous decor pieces, especially in a cottage-style home. Oftentimes you’ll see the glass has been removed and replaced with mirror glass, making it a fully functional and vintage-style window mirror to be hung in any room. You could have the glass removed completely and it can be made into a really neat photo frame. Regardless, of the purpose the more distressed it appears, the better. Don’t worry about the ruggedness of it if you find it at an old vintage market. If it’s placed in a room with a good balance of old and new, it will be sure to fit right in its natural state.

  • Ornate lighting fixtures

This is where sophistication and charm can be added to the room. Anywhere where there is light, it will attract the eyes of your visitors such as, a window omitting natural light. It opens up the room and sets the mood. Ornate lighting fixtures with glass lamp shades or vintage fabrics with hanging crystals is always a great piece for a farmhouse/vintage-style home. Hanging a beautiful chandelier is also a good contrast against the natural textures of your distressed wood pieces. Your light fixtures don’t necessarily have to be vintage pieces as you could easily find vintage-inspired light fixtures brand new in most contemporary furniture stores. That way, you won’t have to actually worry whether or not your light fixture will work when it’s needed.
With the farmhouse or shabby chic style, they key is to embrace imperfection and finding the perfect balance between history and things that are brand new. If you just toss a bunch of old flea market finds into your home without careful thought, you might just raise a few eyebrows from your visitors. Embrace the natural wear and tear of everyday life and differentiate what’s just simply broken old junk. There are certain features of your home however, that can’t be compromised in terms of age and quality. Your windows and doors should be replaced approximately every 10 years or sooner to ensure they are not only keeping your home secure, but that they are actually working to keep your home as energy-efficient as possible.

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